Kaboose Goin' Outta Control Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Kaboose]
As a Minnesota timber cub I ran with the pack
Because a fellowship of wolves makes for skillful attack
Your prideful, boastful, biters I'll roast you
Loathing you drones homes I'm known to go postal
Great mic pro tools shatter your ordeal
Bubble gum ring tone rappers trapped in my force field
Grinding competition into cornmeal facial gestures after life battles
People nicknamed it blue steel
Round one round two hip hop game unreal
One minute you're king of the hill, next minute you're road kill
Similar to mortgage when your creeping like a tortoise
Got you locked like rigamortis and you're literally at stand still
March with me nothing better to do
Because the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few
I just quoted Matthew now tell me your story long as the beats banging

We gonna do it till the bass got the club going outta control
Holler if you hear me yo
I don't know nobody to do it like us
Holler if you hear me yo
We gone do our thing without selling our souls
Holler if you hear me yo
I don't know nobody to do it like us
Holler if you hear me yo

[Verse 2: Royce Da 5'9"]
96 fresh out high school stressed out looking for the next route
Moving off just clout arrogant chest out pardon I left out
That 10 years later I'd be the best out
98 first deal that's when I ate my first meal
Numbers been running since youngin' got his first wheels
Never been a Walker like Hershel
Feeling like the world is mine like the sun was scribbled in the earths will
'01 '02 that's when I took my first pill to put me in the matrix I went kind of commercial
Its kinda like credit cause your happy when you get it so you relish every moment up until you get that first bill
My people don't think that this is me gaming this me saying that it ain't easy to be famous
This is me changing now tell me your story long as the beats banging


[Verse 3: Kaboose & Royce Da 5'9"]
When I refused to worship money thrown in the lions lair
I cried out to Zion in silence but don't despair
He will deliver me Father whom I declare
Faithful like Daniel so Yahweh will honor prayer
The moral of the story is focus your mind you make it clearer
Never too scary to fall you take it there
The revolutionary is all were making here
Prepare to compare me to Paul or Che Guevara
Some pay the bare minimum all gentlemen will take it
Went from rags to riches once broken almost naked
Now your business suits are tailor made fit
So remember where you come from and when you're bringing home the bacon
So in money we make it its funny we chase it
Catch it some invest it then some of us waste it
A lot of us know the diamonds and gold is now synonymous with finding your soul


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