Ian Gillan Band Goodhand Liza Lyrics

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Nobody want to help me
Nobody want to help me
I see you turn your eyes away
I live in gutters
I live in alleys
I live in your house
I am a bad reflection
I am a bad reflection
I am your secret shadow
The woman Liza
This woman Liza
She gave me goodhand
She take me to religion (x3)
She make my boy man (x3)
Good Liza pay me money
This Liza pay me well
She save my soul from Heaven
She gives salvation (x3)
I work for goodhand Liza
She is my soul provider
I feel so good beside her
Clear Air Turbulence Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Clear Air Turbulence
  • 2 Five Moons
  • 3 Money Lender
  • 4 Over the Hill
  • 5 Goodhand Liza
  • 6 Angel Manchenio
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