Tom Russell Goodnight, Juarez Lyrics

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Juarez, I couldn't sleep tonight
Juarez, you made me weep tonight
Across the Rio Grande, I saw your poverty lights
Goodnight, Juarez, good night

Juarez, I used to paint the town
Now you've gone and turned it upside down
Into a dark and b_____ battleground
Goodnight, Juarez, goodnight

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
Just caught the last bus out
She said, "Seven sorrows used to fit the bill
But I'd need ten thousand now"

The mariachi horns are silent
The guitars don't make a sound
The children have all disappeared
Or they're hiding underground

The tourist market's empty now
You wouldn't recognize this town
Why, they even tore the bull ring down
Goodnight, Juarez, good night

Vuela, vuela, palomita, you old ragged
And torn Dove of Peace
Fly across this burning desert
Where the bodies lie beneath

Bring me back one faded rose
A sign of love and hope
And drop it down on this broken city
Before it all goes up in smoke

Juarez, I had a dream today
The children danced as the guitars played
And all the violence up and slipped away
Goodnight, Juarez, goodnight
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