Gaia Consort Goodnight Lyrics

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The songs are sung and all the kisses kissed
And our lover sleeps beside us
Sweetly tired after bliss
I have no faith or hope in innocence
Wrap my legs around the learning
Open up my eyes to sight
I feel every second burning
And I just don't wanna say goodnight
Time with you is much too short for me
So can I have another thousand years or maybe two please?
Enough to find the joy in everything
Time to taste the life we're chasing
Time to love and get it right
I feel all my moments racing
And I just don't wanna say goodnight
I am still your true companion
We might have a hundred lovers
I just want to know them while my heart is still beating...

I want to follow possibilities
And every new love reinvents our old virginity
There's room in us for more than you and me
I want time enough to find them
Time to know them in the light
If every second is a lifetime
Then I still don't want to say goodnight
I feel every second racing...
3/10/06 Snohomish

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