Above the Law Gorillapimpin' Lyrics

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Wherever we go, another player whore
From city to city, we still Gorilla pimpin'
We still pimpin'
We keep the whores the Ghetto Stars
We're sippin' Caviar
From city to city, we still Gorilla pimpin'
We still pimpin'

Sometimes I have a whole modern bullshit on my mind
Sometimes I sit and write hype rhymes time after time
About these hoochies, about these hookers, about these hoodrats
Bitch you disrespect that, Bitch you'll get your headcracked
Now, pay your tribute to B.C.G. (Pimp - Clinic - Gang)
Yo, and bow down cause we roll through
Cause I was half melabo with this bitch from Hundred Noo-Noo
You should've seen what she wants to do
She wants to do it from the Livin' Room to the Kitchen
I mean all up in the cabinets, bread conditions
Yo, now let me tell you somethin, this is how you break a whore:
Tell what she wanna hear, take where she wanna go
And when it gets real good to them
You gotta treat them like you don't even ahh care for them
Yo, yo, that's a tactic, you call it psychology
We are from the Pimp Clinic, we call it pimpology
And we pimped on like them Rolling Stone makin' hits
All up in the traffic, yellin' fuck the bitch
Yo, on that for reala my nigga
Yo, cause when I pimps, I pimps like a Gorilla, yeah

Pimp Clinic Gang Bandanna, hang with my Banana
Banana be in my clip, A.K. - set trip
Keep Clinic mingle, peep the new single
Flossy pimp nigga, peep cap when I hit you with the mental
Carvan cause the whores look good to me
They spit light too, I was hookin' up their wig
Now, they be sterned up, and they got their mack up
Come on, here me speadin' love as I get my grind on the Microphone
Slide you on the homie's Benz, been some of the homie's ends
Hell of conversation with you and the friend
I never lied to you, just so I can slide to you
Check it out, let me show you the view
And continue, to smell good and look good
And still be chasin' them hoodrats, like a nigga should be
With a hell of a Chronic Sack, with my fat ass Gat
Yeah, nigga has got a Low-Rider, plus, I mobs with the Rottweiler
Chronic sow the whores follower
What or Why? - cause that's what I wanna do
Click with my ignorant, Pimp Clinic pregnant

I'm a type of nigga that causin' a gang of drama
Oppose it, chillin', see I'm all up in your baby's mamma
Fools, get trippin' like they're royal
But see half of these bitches can't spell the word LOYAL
I run deep with a gang of killers
So if it's static, we better come for reala
I said: trust no whore til the day you die
And don't be sown your soul just saved because you suicide
I hit the A.C. as I roll through Kila
California On the turn of way to Pomona
To make peace with my kinfolks, metanade on some hell of a smoke
I keep real like I used to do on the street
Cause still water is runnin' deep
And if you really wonder how I fill up
Can't nobody get by a Gorilla

Ugh, we run game on you whores and start to finish
Now, it's the good, the bad and the pimpish
Now, why would I run down the hood to fuck one girl
When I can creep down the hill and fuck them all
Ugh, I know this pinky P-Y-T, so young, so sweat
She was only Seventeen
At one of my shows, kickin' it backstage
You know them young ass bitches never at the age
She whispered in ear: do you wanna fuck?
This young bitch made my dick hits, called up on my nuts
My? is ticklin, this bitch kept on minglin'
She gave the pussy and in my ride she wants to be a singer
Promises, promises, I taped that ass and kicked the bitch up out my S-Class
And on my dashies I say: Pimpin' Ain't Easy
I can't kick it around the bitch that got no rhyme with me, ugh
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