Damien Dempsey Great Gaels of Ireland Lyrics

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Oh the great Gaels of Ireland
And the great Gaels of Scotland
They were kept down for so long
All they wanted was freedom

Well they took ancient Greece on
And they took ancient Rome on
Yes they took all the Turks on
They were powerful for so long

They're the first kings of Europe
And their women weren't shut up
Yes their women were leaders
They won battles, gave orders


Well they brought Christian teachings
To the pagans in Britain
There was great courage displayed
Look at how we were repaid
We were sold into slavery
And shipped to the West Indies
There was Irish and Scotch slaves
Staring over their huge wains


Now I want you to be proud
And I want you to shout loud
"I am proud of my people
I politically rebel"


Na paisti, be proud
Na paisti, be haughty

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  • Written by: Damien Dempsey, Rob O. Gelbheannaigh

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