Baby Lemonade Green Boat Lyrics

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So so long, so long
Waving at the greenboat
So long pack my bags I'm moving on
As the waves wave bye
Such a clear blue sky
So long
Waving at the greenboat
(el barco verde se va alia mar)
I can't say for sure we'll still be friends
I don't know yet I ain't made no plans
I don't owe you anything
Except $

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CD 1
  • 1 Clap Your Hands
  • 2 Stay Awhile
  • 3 Better Things
  • 4 Green Boat
  • 5 Once Again
  • 6 Long Train Rides
  • 7 Lose You
  • 8 Waiting by the Phone
  • 9 So Long
  • 10 Summer Song
  • 11 World Lines
  • 12 Underground D.J.
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