Sacred Steel Hammer of Destruction Lyrics

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Axes - like sirens - slicing through the air
You run for shelter - this hell you can not bear
Pounding inferno - pure steel inside black veins
Where demons dare to tread - heavy metal reigns

Death falls from the sky
There's no escape - you die

Hammer of death - hammer of hate
Blood hammer of destruction - pound to desecrate
Hammer of sin - hammer of war
Blood hammer bring destruction - Carnage victory

Obey the law of the hammer of destruction

We are free to do just what we will
Our destiny - change into overkill

This is the law - no compromise - no f___ing way
Just truth - no lies - it's judgement day
Now choose your side - there's just one way
From death comes life
Now bang your head and go f___ing insane

Steel bolts of lightning shooting through your hearts
Impaled by metal - it's now that the burning starts
Enraged by anger you raise your fists to the sky
Bonded as brothers we'll remain - until the day we die

Obey the law or the hammer falls on you

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