Handful of Hate

Handful of Hate is an Italian black metal band active since 1993. They released seven studio albums, Qliphothic Supremacy, Hierarchy 1999, Vicecrown, Gruesome Splendour, You Will bleed, To Perdition and Adversus.[]


Handful of Hate was originally started in the year 1993. In the beginning there were many line-up difficulties, but in 1995 they released their first demo, entitled Goetia Summa. They played several live shows in northern Italy before they were signed to a record label in 1996. They released the album Qliphothic Supremacy, and proceeded to tour in Italy again. In 1999 the band released the album Hierarchy 1999. Many stylistic changes were made, making the music faster and more brutal. Lyrically the album dealt with sexual, fetish, and carnal concepts. This album drew a lot of attention to the band, and after the tour, they were signed to the Swedish label, Downfall Records. A 7" entitled Death from Above was released in 2001. They also cut a deal with Code7 Management in October 2002. The Production of the Death from Above is much cleaner than their previous recordings. Code666 Records put out a double compilation entitled Better Undead Than Alive that included one track off of Death from Above in 2002. October 2003 saw the release of the band's newest full-length album Vicecrown. This album got the band even more recognition, and has included many new stylistic changes. in November of the same year, they released a 7" ep called Scorn and Conquest on Warlord Records. This album includes many unreleased songs and an Impaled Nazarene Cover. They also released an ep called Blood Calls Blood, that features two unreleased songs and the tracks "Death from Above" and "The World is Prey" from the Death from Above promo. They recently coined the term "Carnal Black Metal" to describe their music. In 2012 they released their latest album "To Perdition".[] They are known for their intense live activity all over Europe, often supported by other relevant members of the Italian Black Metal scene such as Veratrum.


  • Nicola Bianchi - Vocals, Guitar
  • Andrea Toto - Guitar
  • Nicholas - Bass
  • Aeternus - Drums []

    Old members

  • Ugo Pandolfini - Bass
  • Adriano Di Ricco - Bass
  • Enrico Santi - Bass
  • Matteo Fantozzi - Bass
  • Damiano Michetti - Bass
  • Andrea Zannoni - Guitar
  • Luciano Zella - Guitar
  • Marco Mazzoni - Guitar
  • Claudio Alcara - Guitar
  • Geny - Guitar
  • J.M. - Drums
  • Gionata Potenti - Drums
  • Andrea Bianchi - Drums


  • Goetia Summa (demo), 1995
  • Qliphothic Supremacy (full-length), 1997
  • Hierarchy 1999 (full-length), 1999
  • Death from Above (7"), 2001
  • Vicecrown (full-length), 2003
  • Scorn and Conquest (7"), 2003
  • Blood Calls Blood (mcd), 2004
  • Gruesome Splendour (full-length), 2006
  • You Will Bleed (full-length), 2009
  • To Perdition (full-length), 2012
  • Adversus (full-length), 2019