Ed Cash Happiness Lyrics

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In my search to find freedom
In my desire to see something more
I've found higher places
At times when I need them
All I've had to do is open the door to . .

Happiness, oh Happiness
God's my life and He wants nothing less than
Happiness, oh Happiness
Now I've found a place where I can rest
When I have thought I was on a
Search that never ended
When I was sure that there was
No more good
And when I've thought that my
Heart could not be mended
The Lord came and showed me
That it could (and I found. . .)
Now my life ain't always easy
And I struggle everyday
That's why I need someone who will care for me
Someone who will show me the way to true. .

It's not a feeling, it's just a knowledge
Down deep in my heart
That God is with me all of the time
Every night and day
I will sing and pray to the One
Who died for me
I'm talking about Jesus, Lord of my Life
He came to save me and He
Brings me happiness
Just knowing He's alive deep down
In my soul, He is the One who makes me
Whole and gets me through the day)
Yes, now I've found a place where I can rest

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