Madvillain feat. Wild Child Hardcore Hustle Lyrics

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[Produced by Madlib]

[Intro: Wildchild]

[Verse 1: Wildchild]
Jump on the track with a hardcore hustle
With a busload a niggas this time we bought y'all muscle
Wildchild's the one to uplift most and it's confirmed
So tonight let's bang this Madvillain music 'till it's adjourned
Who rushes in head first with the full force of a ram
So the source of the verse coerces the course of a jam
Went to hell and back, saw devil sellin' crack
In fact had to come back with brother with the mask by yellin' "Black!-
Power to the people, who support raw music"
Blessed from the start to keep upliftin' progressive art
To come out and uplift words, take verbalistic leaps
To the next splurge, concoct dope poetical excerpts
Who's the expert? (Wild!) With the physical frame
Who's mental was tamed to get over in this musical game
When the Madvillain breaks your dome you'll see your interval depth
Was written for those that slept, we took one-hundred percent
Unpredictable steps... Say what?
Who's the one that rocked up a party with the vigilance urge
When smokin' the ism the vision is blurred, but vengeance is heard
And just when ya got, caught up in the cynical thought
Intervals in the shape of a mic get pushed straight through your heart like...

[Outro: Samples]
*screams, with the sound of someone getting a mic pushed straight through their still beating heart while moaning orgasmically*

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