Hammercult Heading for War Lyrics

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Thrashing hotels every day
Living on the road
Heads are banging, ears are bleeding
Raise your hammers - ready to explode
Let the sound of Hell run through you
Kicking in your face
We're like junkies for the power
Heavy Metal - Running in our veins
Raisning the dead
Thrash to the sound of the d***ed

Heading to the stage, heading for war
Yes, we live for the fight
And die for the cause we believe to be right
Giving it all with full fury and force
Spreading the sound of destruction
Burns deep inside our hearts - the fire
With every breath we take we make it burn
Racing to antoher city
Party hard tonight
Heavy drinking, never stopping
It's the only way we stay alive
Heading for war
Our hammers are breaking the wall
We cannot stop so f***'em all

We cannot be stopped
Cult of the hammer
No, we will never stop
Cult of the hammer

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