Madchild Hellbound Lyrics

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Turn this up, bitch

[Verse 1: MadChild]
I'm known for being late, famous for being a fuck up
Kids around me - little backstabbers, bunch of suck ups
They want a piece of my pie but I ain't sharing any
Do I look like I'm wearing a bunch of gold - bitch, I ain't wearing any
When it comes to writing songs, bars very scary
Beats bang fuckin' hard - sauce, Peri Peri
I get up inside these bars like I'm a partition
Archaic god's with me like the archbishop
Make you say, "holy shit, it's a hard mission"
Everybody's turnt up, rapper with a dark vision
Nobody gave a flying fuck but now they're starting to listen
Ice in my veins, I'm a sergeant with a heart condition
Marching through the marsh, got an army that is riding
Exactly where we're going - bitch, I haven't quite decided
Everything I need, they told me, "God - he will provide it"
Great, I'm hoping one day he puts a Bentley in my driveway

[Hook: MadChild]
The devil's got Bugattis for sale
Benz truck, Porsche, Maseratis as well
Bitches by the boatload, filling up your coke nose
Hope we don't end all up in the bottom of hell

The devil's got Bugattis for sale
Glock 9s, AKs, shotties as well
Bulletproof vest, cover bodies up well
Don't get shot, end up in the bottom of hell

[Verse 2: MadChild]
Yo, wake up in the middle afternoon like, "Why bother?"
I should get down on my knees, pray to my father
Million rappers nowadays, they should try harder
Little fuckin' insects, I'm a flyswatter
Your little kids think they're hot, homie I'm hotter
Future masked marauder, laughing while I rap and slaughter
I'm disgusting, trust me, don't lack luster
Terminology ten years ago was wack - buster
2014, aggressive track crusher
Fack flusher, bunch of liars so their acts suffer
Open up your mouth, facefuck you with an apron on
Fuck you on the kitchen counter, have ya like a Saint Bernard
Sick sapien, I rip shit, I'm way beyond
Anybody on your label, put 'em back where they belong


[Verse 3: MadChild]
Black ski mask, sawed off shotties with shells
We got blue nose Pit bulls and Rotties as well
Tattoos, handguns, mouth full of gold teeth
Each drug binge - a whole week
Up, I got no sleep
Back when I was younger man, we used to roll so deep
Pussy I was knee deep, pussy I'm still knee deep
Cash that, three feet
Life is fuckin' so sweet
Two tone Rolly, big heart, never cold feet
Cribs, seven bedrooms
Swimming pools and my girls were bi girls
Two at a time and then say, "Bye girls!"
Moving forty packs of piff, that was my world
Going platinum buying gifts, that was my world
Then I almost fuckin' slipped, saying, "Bye world!"
Didn't dip, I'm back and it's a trip, saying, "Hi world!"
Now I'm getting a second chance, I ain't gonna blow it
Pray to god and give thanks, man you fuckin' know it


BAX WAR motherfuckers

Get ready...

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