Ana Johnsson Here I Go Again Lyrics

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I want to taste the bittersweet, yeah;
I want to start a riot in these city streets;
I don't want to live life on repeat;
I want to crash everything in the Presedential Suite.

Here I go again,
And I feel so good,
Yeah, I feel so fine,
Like a hurricane.
I'm gonna fall again,
I'm gonna cross the line.
I can't wait another day, no;
I'm ready to blown away;
Here I go again.

Always looking for a thrill, yeah,
I love the chaos when I start a fire drill.
I've got so much time to kill;
I keep makin' promises I know I can't fulfill.


Some days, frustration is on,
Feeling out of place, and all hope is gone.
In so many ways the temptation's too strong,
It's all good when it's wrong...

I want to make somebody pay.
I want to speak although I've got nothing to say,
Anything to make my day.
I'll run you over if you're standing in my way.

(Chorus x 2, combine last line/first line)

(and again and again)

Here I go again...
Here I go again.

Written by: Anna Lovisa Jonsson, Johan Oskar Andreas Ekhe, Ulf Peter Lindstrom
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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