Vanguart Hey Yo Silver Lyrics

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Composição: Hélio Flanders

- Hey Yo Silver
A horse broke onto the bar, left me wildy here (Oh Silver)
Ripped down my chest with promises of the best (Oh Silver)
We kissed when we were down on the road (Oh Silver)

But all the way is the way back down
Gonna take a look around
Gonna drive to New Orleans
Honey, you know what this means

Cause you and I we been through love
You and I been takin' turns

Tomorrow's parties won't have to wait that long
Cos our the last year's songs showed all that we were

- Hey Yo Silver
Yesterday was fine but today's living hell (Oh Silver)
Everyday that comes I feel an urgent youth that burns (Oh Silver)
Kiss me when we're down on the road (Oh Silver)

Cause all the way is the way uptown
Gonna move to another town
Gonna drive to Vallegrand
Honey, you must understand

Tomorrow's parties are empty now that you've gone
But our last years songs showed all that we were
And it's us but there's a sorrow just won't let you sleep
And I take you with me everywhere I weep

- Hey Yo Silver.

by Lyla

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