UB40 and Pato Hip Hop Lyrical Robot Lyrics

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Can you dig it, alright I can dig it
Cause I'm your hip hop lyrical robot and a red cool cat
Yes I'm your hip hop lyrical robot and a red cool cat

I want the girls to hear me rap
Cause this mc has got the nack
I'm your body-popping shell shocking
Girls hocking eye popping lick me all over like a lollipop
I'm your juicy fruit
Alright, alright, alright

I said hey white man, Indian or black
I'm your number 1 M-C and that's a fact
I'm a good locking, girl hooking outstanding
Mile chatting lyrical shock attack
All M-C's freeze there on the spot
One false move and you must get drop
I'm always devastating, fascinating
Videmaking, pinstaking, watch it man I'm hot


Its a struggle in life when your skin is black
The system is designed to hold you back
how s'ya do shle hands on the shoulder a pat
One love to my face then a stab in the back
Seven points in snooker when you put down the black
But I still thank God for the little I got


I don't stop rapping to the musical beat
And I'm in the mood to turn you on
In the groove that's so complete
Wind you hips, shake your body
Or clap you hands even stamp your feet
Just like a bed that's just been spread
You know I'm neat, neat, neat
Just like a tap that's running hot
Man can't you feel the heat
Not just now but every minute every hour
Everyday and every week

I don't give a hoot for loot and shoot
Or prostitutes in skin tight suits
Standing on the corner
They call their beat
I'm not a pimp drug pusher
Gambler or even thief
To the teachers I will preach
And to the teachers I will teach
Cause I'm a hip hop lyrical robot
That is why so unique
Well police and thieves are playing
The game of hide and seek
When an informer gives information
Then its called a leak
I jail your a number ruled by governor
Screws keep you under, want to see you blunder
When they say "Sit" just take a seat
And when they say "food" it's time to eat
If a screw says "******" I don't answer
Yes sir, no sir three bags full sir
Sometimes inmates would even call me a growler
Me a growler, I'm no growler


Well I'm a hip hop lyrical robot
I don't stop rapping to the musical beat

Well I'm a hip hop lyrical robot and a red cool cat

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