KamB.I.N.O. Hodgepodge Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I got the green light once the beat dropped in
Keep His Word in my mouth, I'm out to chop sin
Double edged sword, I go to war with both ends
That's why the chance of someone stopping me so thin
Situations for those hating's a no win
I'm patient, and my determination knows no end
Plus I rep for my Father, who'd wanna to oppose him
Only logical answer's somebody with no sin
I'm on the right path, never double back
There's no stopping, get it popping, call me bubble wrap
I throw my faith all in your face, I'm not a subtle cat
I love the taste of beef homie, show me where the trouble at

Okay (Uh Huh) x 4

[Verse 2]
My light shines brightly, daily and nightly
Sun, Moon, stars combined should get like me
People ain't impressed cause they can hear it when you talk
Look, they more intrigued if they can see it, feel it, in your walk
I don't step lightly, tread like a hawk
Out to crush the serpent's head like chalk
Poof in the powder when God rebuked devour-er
On my behalf, that's when my laugh got louder
Rhymes got bolder, my faith got riled up
Seed started sprouting, my cake start piling up
So I sowed some more, learned that greed can defile ya
But giving brings glory to the King I'm a child of
In it not of it, though Earth I'm visitin'
Stick out like a green thumb, I'm never fitting in
Give the Gospel to anybody that's listenin'
My mission is to change this whole planet by my visit's end


[Verse 3]
They say "It ain't tricking if you got it"
I say it only ain't tricking if you do not trick
Hard to tell between a beauty burning in a hot chick
You got one but got tricked
Now you're itching and got tricked
You thought you had protection in your pocket (nope)
Tackled by linebackers that's microscopic
Find yourself sacked up in the sack, you couldn't stop it
Cause abstience is the only line that can block it
Look, my next topic, other rappers are not sick
Their bars, all toxic
Don't let them in your cockpit
They're sure to bash, have you crashing in a hop skip
More hazardous to your health than a moshpit
I'm like Lazarous, my life Christ flopped flipped
It's fantastic, Mr. Boombastic
Game need a change so I'm 'bout to take it hostage
And make these lames hang their head in shame like an ostrich


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