8Ball feat. Carl Thomas Holla Back Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Shiny lips, round hips, I love dat
I know you tired of them cats wit that old rap
In ya face,breath stink, you can't think
He want to take you home cause you bought you a drink
It's a trip, but don't trip
Come flip
Wit this big 'ol playboy
That's only if
Ya down
Ya wit it wit it,let's hit the city
Come roll wit it
And you ain't got to spend a penny
In ya fendy outfit
It's so tight
You so right
I want to kick it wit you all night
Hope you
Like me like that
I know I
Can make you come right back
A girl like you can get me on the right track
Hold up, forget I even said that
Wassup mama, you know where my head's at
Take ya time, when you ready baby holla back

Since I saw you
I've only want to just to know you
Give you the best of me
I employ you
But I won't play no fool to adore you
Could you holla back at me

[Verse 2]
Let's take a trip, lets get away, a few days
To a beach house,champagne everyday
Hot sand between ya toes
Ya skin smell sweet ma, just like a rose
I want to get to know you better
Let's take a stroll
Forget about that club hoppin
That **** is old
Me and you connectin' from the soul
Make love with protection
That's how it goes(Since I saw you)
want to be, wit you
Tell me what you want to do
Keep it hot, and I can keep it brand new
Feel me, and I'ma try to feel you
Wake up in the morning and see the real you
Hope we can stay on the same page
Hope we make love every single day
All you need to do is holla at me

Since I saw you
I've only want just to know you
Give you the best of me
I employ you
But I won't play no fool to adore you
Could you holla back at me

[Verse 3]
Baby girl
Hot girl
My girl
Fa sho girl
We can make this me and yo' world
Don't stop
Make it hit the floor girl
The more you do it
I love it even more girl
Got me talking 'bout you all in my flow girl
Got me lookin for you all at my show girl
Don't think, I can take it any mo'
Don't know why I'm trippin',baby I got plenty mo'
Dime pieces, but one like you
I can't explain this thing that I'm going through
Something that you doing got me comin back ma
Take my number, when you ready holla back

[Chorus] - repeat 2X
{*ad libs until the end*}
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