Palehorse Holy Trinity Church Student Bar Lyrics

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first name tungsten
arrow gets through
and is finished with you
second name rest-home
ex of kinned you
now they're finished with you
third name plaster
persist right through
and has finished in you
fourth name nothing
cause there's nothing
that is in me of you
rotting sagging milk-born breast
battery acid litmus test
severed tendoned mouths espouse
(faith in) the tenets of a louse
and it's ground covenant which lives inside you
you are nothing but a child crying with no sweeties
this is all just a game that will end in laughter
or blood, it all depends on whether you can be f*****
happy to rot
happy to rot shackled right here
heavenly salve can go f*** itself
and so can hell
(see you there, wish you were here)
dogma is not a concept
she is a goddess
and you don't know her
so leave her alone

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