Mae Home Lyrics

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Now I've been sneaking out your back door
Since I can't remember when
And thinking about the world I didn't know
But now I find I'm in the thick of it

And feeling so alone
I'd take a chance
Just one more chance
To get me anywhere
Been running down any road but home

I know I'm running and I'm moving too fast
So we will go home
And where I'm headed to it's nobody's guess
So we will go home
So when we go home

I saw the map like any other one
I cannot find and follow lines
That led me to question

But I can see it in the symmetry
It's what was really always meant to be
The singularity is clearer from the distance
So I'd die here to fall in love with home


Staring into mirrors
Lost in the design
Believe in dreams
And wait for signs

You will always find me
When I run away
But I will not slow down until I make it back into your arms

[Chorus x2]

Written by: Abigail Anne Tucker, Bob Scott
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

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