Faderhead Horizon Born Lyrics

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I follow every day's demands
You never followed anyone
I try to make it through the night
You only wake up for the sun
I face my normal worries
You just take off and run

I need to rest - a night of sleep
You always want to be awake
I struggle - try to earn my keep
You don't have anything at stake
All the thorns I carry
While you always radiate

You're horizon born
A star that's shining far away
Face the aeon storms
And I'll be waiting endlessly
You're horizon born
Still the softest touch for me
I'll be waiting endlessly

You say the future's looking bleak
I wonder if you really care
Your current future lasts a week
There's something new for you out there
You say you're always playing
While I hide my pain somewhere

You wish for new emotions
I wish that I could deal with mine
You're restless like the ocean
I'm restless 'cause I am losing time
You will never worry
While I care too much to lie

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