Canibus & Panama P.I. How We Roll Lyrics

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I never freestyle for free, without chargin' *****z a fee
It'll cost a brain cell just to cypher with me
I'm the type of MC, that rocks for the glory
I don't give a **** if you ignore me, yo Can call you
Freestyle or written, spittin' with infinite ammunition
For anybody tryin' to go the distance
I promise ya no less than a hundred thousand kilometers
My bomb stress will have you evacuatin' your continent
I'm barbaric with the alphanumeric
Hittin' you with lyrics that separates your body from your spirit
This is for wack *****z doin' shows and ****
Cause I'll be in the crowd if you ain't controllin' it
(Rakim: 'Drop the mic, you shouldn't be holdin' it')

I roll with the wildest *****z, yes indeed the highest *****z
Unemployed jobless *****z, and foul *****z
Don't never smilin' *****z, my style's wildin'
Chemically imbalanced *****z

We savages, snatchin' microphones from amateurs
Cause like women who get abortions, I ain't havin' it
I rip you, my metaphor content, will split you
Into, little powder ike crystals, so I can sniff you
What I say should be displayed at the Smithsonian
Your rhymes are phonier than cubic zirconias
Have you any idea what I do to crews like you
How many *****z in my career, I ran through
Comin' afta ya, blastin' ya, with the shotgun
Like a front seat passenger
You must be askin' fa', some sort of a massacre
I'll attack ya cardiovascular
Shatter ya like passin' automobile crashes
When I smash that *** into blackberry molasses
Rip your speaker to ashes, and kick a hole in it
Cause I'll be in the crowd if you ain't controllin' it

[Chorus x2]

I'm the illest lyricist in America, MC's can't see me
Cause I'm too quick, for the human retina to regista
I roll up on ya crew quicker than long sleeves
With a Speed that could confuse Keanu Reeves
So ask yaself, who am I
I'm the illest MC that ya ever seen in ya ****in life
I hop into the backseat of a cab and rhyme
Til the meter reads nine, nine, nine, nine
Line for line I battle any kind of MC
At any time, whether signed or unsigned
Wit many lines, more lines than a million pair of Adidas
More lines than the bible quoted from Jesus
More lines than a African herd of zebras
Cause you ain't ****in' wit the 'Canibus seteva'
This is for all why'all *****z doin shows and ****
Cause I'll be in the crowd if you ain't controllin' it

Lost Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Put tha House on It
  • 3 All 4 Nuthin'
  • 4 Bounce Wit Me
  • 5 Drama in My Life
  • 6 My Homeboy's Girlfriend
  • 7 Stompin' & Pimpin'
  • 8 Backyard Mississippi
  • 9 If I Die
  • 10 The Artist Pays the Price
  • 11 Get Money
  • 12 Ghetto Luv
  • 13 All on Me
  • 14 Lost
    CD 2
  • 1 360°
  • 2 Let's Ride
  • 3 Time
  • 4 Coffee Shoppe
  • 5 Pure Uncut
  • 6 Down and Out
  • 7 Put Your Hands Up
  • 8 Ball and Bun
  • 9 I Don't Wanna Die
  • 10 My First Love
  • 11 Get Bucked
  • 12 This Is Dedicated
    CD 3
  • 1 Ill Hill Niggas
  • 2 Been Done Some Shit
  • 3 How We Roll
  • 4 Scummie
  • 5 What You Weigh Me
  • 6 Many Know
  • 7 Incarcerated Minds
  • 8 Class in Session
  • 9 Baby Baby
  • 10 The Moocher
  • 11 All the Way
  • 12 Can't Stop
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