Vanilla Ice Hustlin' Lyrics

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Some say that I'm worried, no homie I'm cautious,
Sleep with one eye open case somebody approaches.
Shit. I hardly trust no one just a chosen few,
Ain't no tellin what's some men for some money will do,
Like some VIP soldiers just call me the gambler,
Deal the cards, roll the dice, money's all on the table,
I ain't worried about what tomorrow's g'on bring,
I don't fear being hated, Understand what I am saying,
I don't fear being hated, I done been there before,
In the dark, in the cold I been left out alone,
I ain't worried about nothing, It's my family I treasure.
Not the future, my career, Nothing lasts forever,
When your dead nothing matters, you ain't takin nothin with you,
Not the money, not the thoughts of you hoping that they miss you,
But while I am here I'm a go for it all.
Cause I'm a hustler Motherfucker, I'm a ball will I fall

One, two you know what do, Just hustlin'
One, two you know what do, Just hustlin'

It's time to break the chain and escape the pain,
Too much loot in the game gotta stake my claim,
You rappers want a taste of fame, And go out chasin dames,
I'm a corner the market, Cause I got gate to gain,
I'm gonna split profit and expand,
Cause money and power, homie go hand in hand,
I'm just hustlin serving the friends who got the jones,
From microphones, I pay cash for what I own,
In my zone, see it in my face and you know,
Going metal to metal in every ghetto to ghetto,
I'm at the threshold for somethin' epic,
Expect it my work ethic is nothing shorter than breathless,
From Cali to Florida and every corridor around this whole globe,
This track is kickin with that old soul,
I'm gonna blow it up, tone up my vocals,
Whether TV or film etc. I'm goin global

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