Cadence Weapon Hype Man Lyrics

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I got a nigga, all he do is carry weed
Another nigga shoot videos for my web feed
Rich gains, another uploads my mixtapes
I sit straight and tell my driver to switch lanes
I have a brother hold the cases for my jewellery
No foolery, a shooter too, weed and a lot of brew
It’s seemin ‘impossible, how I can never stay alone
All you do is play the shows, I don’t wanna talk to you
Off stage, look me in the eye and that’s a lost wage
At the strip club, make sure that my song plays
And after that, bring some hoes and we can talk raise
And if not, you go back to where you fuckin’ came

Never get to see me by myself
But I get to the show and rhyme over myself
A couple dudes get to rappin’ too
And they’re sayin’ my words, just displaying the world’s
Most incredible gig, these relatives get to peddle shit
For my thought retention and it’s so pretentious
I came to ball, not ride the benches, with you, you fuckin’

[Hook] x2
Hype man, I don’t need a fucking hype man
Hype man, I don’t need a fucking hype man
Show a hype man the middle finger on my right hand
Hype man, I don’t need a fucking hype man
I don’t need ‘em

I don’t know if you heard but I have a record too
It’s really quite good, yes, really quite hood
You might be alarmed, it sounds a bit like you
But that makes a little sense, we hang out and we’re friends
I was wondering, pondering, hoping you could think
About potentially, you know, putting the album out
Cause it has more potential to reach more residential individuals if you back it
Because you have a lot of clout

I’d appreciate if you connected me
I go backstage and collect your fees
I’d take a bullet, I’d probably pull it
I’d take the charge, if you directed me
Got a vest with me, yeah, just in case
You be Puffy, I be Ma$e
Or maybe Shyne if the time arise
Wear divided lines, sleep behind bars
And then stick there like pine tar
You’re the best emcee, yeah, by far
It’s destiny that you selected me
I just need one time for you to rep for me
To tell the press that you respected me
How I say your words so loudly
It would bum me out if you rejected me
Cause your hype man, I’m proud to be

[Hook] x2
Hype man, yes, I’m the fucking hype man
Hype man, yes, I’m the fucking hype man
Come any jam, I’m his damn right hand man
Hype man, I’m the motherfucking hype man

So you’re saying you don’t need my services anymore… I’m sorry to hear that. I want you to know this job has meant a lot to me and I’d just like to let you know that if you ever need anyone to shine your chain or carry your weed or take a charge for you, I’ll always be there for you

Thanks for everything

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