Waco Jesus Hyper Dominant Lyrics

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She's hyper dominant
Highly deviant
Waiting to get off
She'll intoxicate
Then dominate
Sexuals assault
No inner conflict
Nothing intimate
Fucked again and again
A fucked up arsenal
Of warped erotica
Total discipline
Fuck her brains out
In pain restrained
Mentally drained
The only way you'll cum
She chokes herself out
Taking intoxicants
The way she likes to fuck
Return to Sodom
And Gommorrah
Unrepentant approach
Fuck permission
Fuck forgiveness
Stigmas without hope
Artery compression
Oxygen depletion
No persuasion no questions
The answer is always yes
Dominance indulgence
All access to excess
She'll put your mind in a blender
Turn you into a beggar
Violent, erotic
Choke me
Fuck me spit on me
Slap me
I'll tell you when to cum on me
A slave
Primal trauma
A slave
Frantic torment you can't grasp

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