Mysonne I'm On Lyrics

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I'm finally on, the grinding paid off
I got it hard, I grind and made this off
Man I pray to lord protect me please
Moving peas and sour in them suv's
I'm in the peas with them criminals and refugees
In this cold world they'll let you freeze
One of the best left I connect with g's
I demand respect so respect me please
Rip, rest in peace, you expecting death or you testing be
Someone question reach my pinnacle
So now every move that I make it's critical
I'm living proof that hard times are ridicule
Provide all the fire you require for getting through
I'm in a new state of mind, took the truth made it rhyme
Pac gave me the juice, I made it wine
Made the time permit me, to spit these bars go down with history
So miss me, with the bullshit, I ain't got time
I'm going hard, my pride is on the line
Nah, they don't design my kind, you won't find
Nigga with a harded mind that's like mine
It's like I'm in a class but myself
I ain't wearing no mask, I'm myself
So all the wealth in the world don't aquiate to
The honor dollar don't make you
I mean make me, they can hate me
I've been a straight g since skan k
You can't break me, I'm too resilient
I stand out, you dudes chameleons
So keep watching and view my brilliance
My realness is due for millions, I'm on.

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