Patent Pending I Already Know (She Don't Give a Shit About Me) Lyrics

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I already know this town and the way it goes
Every fake ass girl with a plastic nose
They try to play it off but it always shows
How they only want to be where the money flows
She was a bitch and she got me good
Like every other guy in the neighborhood
She makes me sick like I knew she would
I'm in too deep I wish I understood
That I know What she wants and I'm a sucker
For thinking it'd be any different for me

She don't give a shit about me,she don't care at all
I know she'll be blaming every late night call
On the alcohol, it makes no sense to me
It's so clear in the back of my head
How my world crashed down from the things she said
She was a bitch back then and she'll always be
She don't give a shit about me

Hold my ground for a minute till she turns around
I'm right back in it yeah
She brings me down to a level so low
I'll never make it out, she got me on the go
Till I scream and shout like turn up the heat the beat
And she's calling break out the sheets she cheats
And we're falling down
She always takes the best of me and leaves the rest of me
It makes no sense to me cause I know what she wants
And I'm a sucker for thinking it'd be any different for me
I hold you tight like I've got it a night
That you never call fight it I just can't help but fall
I know that you'll never change so I endure the pain
Going out in flames with you like I always do
She don't give a shit about me

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