Kafkas I Don't Believe Lyrics

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i think we´re here to entertain
and really nothing else.
you prefer english songs
they got more harmony.
you wanna see some heavy guys -
but we are sensible (sensitive)!
we got feelings -
wasn´t born in l.a.
why don´t you go away?
the time goes by - the same old s***
and nothing is better now!
you like songs about love and hate
but not about animal rights.
if everybody likes this song,
you will love it, too.
An own opinion - you never had!
so we can´t count on you!
i think, music means more
than to impress some girls.
don´t wann shut up to everything -
´cause i´ve got something to say.
don´t wanna teach - i´m not a star
i´m not ahead of you.
but all you want is "have some fun"
´cause nothing else matters to you.
you can eat a steak or kill your wife -
while we play this song.
i know it´s sad
but i can´t change your mind!
so what else can i do?
i don´t believe in anything -
i don´t believe in anyone.

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