ICE MC I Go Crazy Lyrics

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Get off my back and do your own thing
Jealous of the ice cause I bounce like a spring
I'm like a wizzing blade so you can't get near
Scare of getting cut yes your face shows fear
I'm kinda damaging reps makin' fools of fools
Using no gadgets I'm not using no tools
I gotta mike that's right yo I set it alight
When it sparks you can find your way throught the night
I go crazy baby

Easy cause I'm hear to please
And all the suckers on my back I'm gonna throw to 'em cheese
And treat 'em like a mouse all they do is squeek
Start chewing on my pad and wanna take a peek
Inside take ya nose out ano do your own thing
Gee yaself maybe you'd start to sing
I work hard believe me I'll let it show
I say if ya got talent then let it flow.
I go crazy baby

No stoppin' the women i'm rockin'
Suckers on my toes i stomp and start droppin'
Individual rocker non stop, can't stop won't stop i flip and flop to the top
I want it in my own way, like a mars bar i can work rest and play dominator
Of my own emotions blast 'em hard lyrical explotions
Lyrical like a bird in a tree, ain't nobody gonna make me flee
Me stan firm boy keep the party hype fly hyer than a bird hyer than any kite
I'm a survivor i look after myself every now and again I check the picture on the shelf
That's of my family I do all for them, so I let my mind flow right through my pen.
by Bitito

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