Wallpaper. I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted Lyrics

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you wanna go to a party tonight
its supposed to the jam,
its supposed to be really nice.

well take a bus or a taxi cab
we can get faded then go to the club
i say woah oh woah ya!

started off with a class of red wine
cheap champagne it tickles down my spine
i gotta say im lookin good, id hit on myself,
if i could
i say woah oh woah oh!

i could use another round,
so i could really, get on down
i got soul, soh-oo-soh-o wasted.
im in the middle of the floor,
everybody's lookin at me
ive got soul, soh-oo, soh-o wasted

so wasted...

droppin down to the V.I.P
drinkin watcha want tonight its all on me
thrownin up in the bathroom stall
i feel so much and feel nothing at all


then chourus agian at the end.

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