David Houston I Guess I'll Live Lyrics

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I always thought if I'd lost you I'd die
Well now that time has come we've said goodbye
I know I won't forget but I'll forgive and if the world don't end I guess I'll live
I know now losing you's not gonna kill me although at times I guess I wish it would
And I know I'll miss the lips that used to thrill me
But the lesson that I've learned will do me good
Any heart could sometimes go astray and I know that I should look at this that way
And I know that I gave all I could give so if the world don't end I guess I'll live

So if the world don't end I guess I'll live
Straight From the Heart Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I'm Down to My Last "I Love You"
  • 2 You'll Have Love
  • 3 Let's Build a World Together
  • 4 My Song of Love
  • 5 Watching My World Walk Away
  • 6 That's Why I Cry
  • 7 I Guess I'll Live
  • 8 Baby Mine
  • 9 You'll Have to Read the Book
  • 10 If You Were Never Here
  • 11 Then I'll Know You Care
    12" Vinyl 2
  • 1 The Two of Us
  • 2 Have a Little Faith
  • 3 Take Me
  • 4 Clinging Vine
  • 5 The Ways to Love a Man
  • 6 I'll Kiss the Baby
  • 7 Too Many Daddies
  • 8 If You Love Him (Love Him Right)
  • 9 Tell Me Where I Stand
  • 10 Baby, Come Home
  • 11 Still Around
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