Saccharine Trust I Have ... Lyrics

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Pages turn
My stare burns
The conflict of logic
The crowd stands in awe

Screen in a speakeasy
A man in black
We've addressed many times
And call on now

Thought occurs
I've been here before
Hear his words
I've seen him somewhere
The vision haunts
I know him somehow
As I tear my mind
I've been here before

Never has power risen so
As we lay our bodies to the butcher called
Another shot heard round the world
But this time, literally
As I fall slain by faith
I can almost hear liberty say
I have loved just this once
But have lived and died many times

History books
We were so young
We were so strong
That's what they taught us

Baring in mind
It's only a book
I close it and walk out
Wide eyes and all

Think out loud

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