Maddy Prior I Heard the Banns Lyrics

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I heard the banns published in church*
I rose from my seat and went out in the porch
I thought he'd be constant, as constant could be
But now he is going to be married
I saw my love in the church stand
With a ring an his finger and a glove in his hand
I thought to myself I should have been that one
But now he is going to be married
I saw my love to the church go
With bride and bridesmaidens they made a fine show
And I followed on with my burden of woe
For now he is tied to some other
I saw my love sit down to eat
I sat down beside him but nothing could eat
I thought his sweet company better that meat
But now he is gone to some other
Dig me a grave long, wide and deep
And cover it over with flowers so sweet
That I may lie down there to take a long sleep
And that's the best way to forget him

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