Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start I Know You'll Find Out That I'm a Geek Lyrics

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because if it's left up to me i know you'll find out
that i'm a geek with a lowercase g
and i'm trying to hide
because i wouldn't be seen with a guy like me
what a wonderful way to start my day
because it's 1pm and i'm me again
i wish you followed my career
and collected every car by year
and the crowd is roaring your way
just down the street from here
sit down and wait for me
it's just like playing a game to me
as long as you fight along i'm happy to be around
i can see te difference in saying and meaning
i've exposed myself out of guilt while driving away
admission breaks the silence
admission breaks my will too
a phone call placed halfway home
will put it all on the line

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