Half Hearted Hero I Saw It on Youtube Lyrics

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I'm looking back on everything that I have done
And I can't help but feel overcome with sincere pride in my decisions
I'll disregard all of my mistakes and regrets;
Forgive me if I do forget to note your contributions
Because without you I couldn't do half the things that I have done
It's just that lately I've been overwhelmed
With this thing we've called growing up
So here's to you and everything you ever said
Every word inside my head, I owe it all to you
I know I never can fully repay you
But my hope is that this song will just have to do
I know this is the hardest part of my life
I swear I'll make it all up to you in time

Home Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Saw It on Youtube
  • 2 Satori
  • 3 Making Up Ain't Hard to Do
  • 4 My Other Car Is the NEXTbus
  • 5 Shredfest 2k7
  • 6 Home, Part I: Graduation Feels More Like Excommunicaton
  • 7 Home, Part II: If These Walls Could Talk, They Would Have Written This Song
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