Tammy Wynette I Still Believe in Fairy Tales Lyrics

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I believe in fairy tales
Where knights in shinin' armour come along
You were my knight in shining armour
And you stole my heart with a song.

You gave me a castle and a princess
And I was the wor-orld's proudest queen
But then came the dragon in the bottle
And I watched as it slowly slayed the king.

And we all live happy never after
For we just put the castle up for sale
But I guess that I will always be a dreamer
'Cause I still believe in fairy tales.

Yes, I stilll belie-ieve in fairy tales
I Still Believe in Fairy Tales Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Still Believe in Fairy Tales
  • 2 I Did My Best (To Fall in Love Last Night)
  • 3 Brown Paper Bag
  • 4 I Just Had You on My Mind
  • 5 Dallas
  • 6 I’ll Take What You Can Give Me (When You Can)
  • 7 I’m Not a Has-Been (I Just Never Was)
  • 8 The Man From Bowling Green
  • 9 The Bottle
  • 10 Your Memory’s Gone to Rest

  • Written by: Glenn Martin
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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