White Town I Was Trotsky's Nun Lyrics

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Looking around me I can’t see you
But everywhere I hear your voice

You were the one the stars fell for
You were the one the Tsars fell for
You were the one who made it all come true

Marching in London we don’t see you
But every heartbeat knows your name

Don't Mention The War Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Make The World Go Away
  • 2 A New Surprise
  • 3 Somewhere Blue
  • 4 I Was Trotsky's Nun
  • 5 These Are The MPs
  • 6 Hold It In
  • 7 Death In Kettering
  • 8 Fanfare For Emma Goldman
  • 9 Whenever I Say Hello
  • 10 Theme For A BBC Natural History Series Presented By Richard Dawkins
  • 11 The Straight-Edge Atheists' Hymn
  • 12 Sabrina, Won’t You Help Us Out?
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