Caleb Carruth I Will Call You Blessed (Aina's Song) Lyrics

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I can't believe your mine
I can't believe I'm yours
Cause only a Master's hand
Could have devised and designed our course

Lost in your beauty
Lost in the freedom
I can't owe this to myself
What have I ever done

Thats this good, this sweet, this right

With one glance of your eye
You've stolen my heart
And beautiful you are, my darling
There is no flaw in you

Now I lack nothing
And now there's peace
You have such patience with me
Freely you give your love

Your so good, so sweet, so right

You are clothed in strength
You are dressed in dignity
With you He is saving me
You are all I wanted
You are all I need now
I wil call you blessed

Gone are the good old days
I have no need for useless things
I've found something better to last me forever
For you speak with wisdom
And faithful instruction
Many do noble things
But you have surpassed them all

Your so good, so sweet, so right

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