Uncle Earl Ida Red Lyrics

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Ida Red, Ida Green, prettiest girl I ever seen.
Ida Red, Ida Blue, I got stuck on Ida too.

Ida Red, Ida White, love her true I think I might.
Ida Red, Ida Pink, saw her in town gave me a wink.

Ida Red, She ain't no fool. She could ride a straddle of a humpback mule.
If I'da listened what Ida said, I'd be sleepin' in Ida's bed.

Ida Red, Ida Yellow. Wish that I could be her fellow.
Ida Red, She's comin' to town. Wrote me a letter she's comin' down….

Ida Red, I dunno. Should I stay or should I go now?
She Waits for Night Track Listing
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  • 13 Ida Red
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