Walkers If I Could Lyrics

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Has you heart been blue
Then don't give up on me
Don't you loose your fading love
we where ment to be
And a girl like you
Will see a rainy day
Stick with me
Let's go all the way
If I could have your love
If I could have you baby
If I could have your love
Don't you just tell me, maybe
Baby forever more
Can't we just share our love together
If I could have your love all the way
Theres no easy way
for a broken heart
and I know your story girl
It's keeping us apart
What you want the most
I would give it to you now
You can't win
Let me show you how
If I could have your love...

I would bring the moon
and the stars to you
I would mend your broken heart
That's all I want to do

If I could have your love...
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