TISM If You're Creative, Get Stuffed Lyrics

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His friend's a plumber,
They're both getting cancer
And you can get fucked.

He works like a nigger
For a moderate figure -
We're not underprivilidged,
But you can get fucked.

If you're creative, get stuffed

Their work involves toil;
They dig in the soil
And sweat on their foreheads:
You can get fucked.

My dad's better than your dad;
I'm better than you;
Your dad does something in advertising
And you'll be a gigolo too.
If you're an adman, artist, poet or actor;
Student, tutor , writer, chiropractor;
If you design clothing
Or make your living from posing;
If you paint pictures
Or run a boutique for bitches;
If you deal in antiques
Or anything chic;
If your career involves feeling
Instead of hauling and kneeling,
There's the end of the matter -
You can get stuffed.

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