Icarus The Owl Ignore Check Engine Lights Lyrics

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'The forest has kidnapped my child.'
That's what they said but
I am thinking a hero was born.
I cannot be in this place
In the oil when I am water;
I am sinking.

It's way too soon and now you have left us.

What is winter without the ice and snow?
This is how I've grown.
I've shown the world all the places
I would want to go

This is how I've known
All the little things lead to a bigger part of me


I can't smile without your face near mine.
You've always been the light in darker times.
All I need is you.
Could you promise me that much?
Winter/Summer I can't choose.
Put me where you'll end up.

'The forest has kidnapped my child.'
'He was just right by our side.'
I cannot be in this place.
I would run and hide from this language

I don't need unless you are here with me
When I look inside,
I know life's a mystery but
It's where I want to be
(You have gone away)
You're the raven inside Mister Poe's crazy mind.
I'll drive until I die
Ignore check engine lights

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