Icarus The Owl In Aeternum Lyrics

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Sneak on out your window
Let's make love like we're not supposed to
11 minutes 'till your parents get up for work
Get your clothes on and run along


There are moments we'd wish would never pass,
Like two bodies laying in freshly cut grass
I wish a locomotive could bring me back
No good could come from sneaking around

Even tip toes can carry a sound
I can't stand the sight of this town without you around
Who knew this was fleeting?
I wish I'd held you close

Much closer for much longer
Now that we're both older,
Let's make love like we're not supposed to
With no curfews


Remember the path
The bond we had?
You threw it over the neighbors fence
Cause you were sleeping with him
Remember our pact? Of loneliness

You wrote it in The Statue Of Millennium
When you were sleeping with him
You loved me like you loved him too
You burned me like you always knew

What does this mean?
Why can't I think?
Where are you now?
Why not next to me?


These are just words drifting off into the stratosphere
They'll get sucked into a black hole with whatever is near
You never loved me; nothing's been so perfectly clear
It'd be much easier to find out that you had been dead,
Instead of talking with someone inside my head
They'd send me away for the messages I hope you'd read

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