Luke Bryan In Love With the Girl Lyrics

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It feels like I woke up one mornin'
And it all changed without warnin'
I don't know how our paths crossed
But all I know is I've been lost
Now it's hard to think
That we were ever strangers

Was it the wine or the moonlight glow
Or the way we were dancin' on that old dirt road
Was it the sweet song she was singin'
Or the way it all happened without even thinkin'
I've been on the edge I've been on the brink
But I don't think I've ever been this far
So yes I, whoa yes I, yes I'm in love with the girl

I talk about bein' caught off guard
Talk about an old boy fallin' hard
Think about a few weeks flyin' by
And talk about losin' track of time
Now I'm countin' every second until I see her


I was cool with hangin' around
Now I got plans bigger than this town
Sayin' things I ain't never said
And bein' with her ever chance I get
Heard the old man say son when you know
Hold on tight and don't let go
So yes I, whoa yes I, yes I'm in love with the girl
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  • Written by: Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Michael Carter, Jim Mccormick
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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