Hammercult In the Name of the Fallen Lyrics

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Riders on the storm
Through hail and fire
Heading forth for war
Stronger than before
Hatred in our hearts
Bloodshed and slaughter
Violence and force
There is no remorse
Take mortal lives, may death arise
The crimson flows and may it never dry

May the fallen behind us
Lead our way tonight
Death in glorious battle
On this day we die
As the sound of horns
Turns into sirens
Say your prayers and mourn
Ready to be torn
Ramming down the gates
There is no mercy
Revel in their pain
Pleading in vain
In the name of the fallen
Set them all aflame
As we rise from the darkness
They will curse our names
Clashing iron and fire
Sate my steel with hate
Let us crush the deceivers
As we seal their fates

Splendor of bloodshed and death

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