Vampyr Indianapolis Lyrics

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Shootin' Like A Bullet Thunderin' Thru The Heat
Man's Lives Aren't Worth To Think You Start Again
Fearing Devil's Hard Attack Thru Your Brain And Soul
And The Engine Roars Behind Your Neck
Minding Life Is Over As You Take The Curve
The Tyres Scream Your Heart Denies To Beat
Diving Out The Bending The Straight-Line Comes Into Sight
Jump To The Gathering Speed

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

The Heat Inside Your c***pit Demanding Blood And Sweat
But You Are Fighting Further And The End Race
Racin' Miles And Miles The Engine Starts To Glow
Satan Is With You When You Die
And The Giant Pressure Pushes You In Your Seat
Now Your Blood Is Starting To Boil
Getting Nervous Can't Stand Avoid Burning Up The Track
And You Are Feeking High And Free

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Chasin' Like A Wild Cat In Your Grasping Fists
The Steering Wheel Leads You The Way
You've Got To Racing Further Thru Or Into Hell
And The Engine Roars Behind You a**
Overtake The Other's Fight Em' Down And Out
Satan Is With You When You Die
Out There Is A Fortune Waitin' To Be Had
Jump To It Gathering Speed

Wait Next Command Race Fight Them All
Drive Staright Thru Hell Fight Race Fame...

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