UnderThreat Infestation Lyrics

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The creeping lethal plague
Is now breeding inside the weak
the misfortune of our kind is beyond
the conception of weakedness
Plague of ilussory hope
Takes control and only leaves frustration
Bringing on the catasthrophic syndrome
of alienation

Subjection to imperceptible impossitions
hidden in kindness in atractive form
Silent insertion into
lacking of reason organisms
for devouring lifes and to nourish
with one another's hopes
this kind of blight
sells you cures and solutions
but what mankind is really buying
are doubts and confussions
May be in apereance edifying information
Do you know over what you are building on?

Now views are becoming everyday more obtused
conceptions without foundations
as food for the miserable.
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CD 1
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  • 2 Face of Emptiness
  • 3 Under Threat
  • 4 Serpent's Lick
  • 5 Ghost and the Machine
  • 6 Desperate Human's Path
  • 7 Behind Mankind's Disguise
  • 8 End of Grace
  • 9 Infestation
  • 10 Gates of Deception
  • 11 Warning
  • 12 Mirrors of Dejection
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