Pain of Salvation Innocence Lyrics

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Once there was a me who always knew the way,
who somewhere on the road led me astray.
And I've seen so many broken souls,
broken in despair,
lying at the curb gasping for air.
Always thought I'd change somehow,
altered by the road,
and become what I was always meant to be.
But every step along the way,
every mile of road,
wore down the fearless manchild that was me.
Restless mind, you steal my time.
Need to find a place to hide.

Slowly losing my innocence.

Once there was a me who always knew what was right,
but somewhere on the road he lost his light.
Always thought I'd be much more,
I would transform, somehow someday.
But here I am.
Never thought I'd be this weak.
Never thought I'd fall,
and lose myself along these dusty roads.
But here I am.
Reckless time, you steal my mind.
Neew to hide each place I've found.

Still I'm losing my innocence.
We're all losing our innocence.

I want that invincible time,
that invincible me.
I want it all back.
I want it all back.
I want myself back.

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