Idle Cure Innocent Again Lyrics

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Nowhere to run nowwhere to hide
Taken and helpless broken up inside
Feeling abused lost in confusion
Disguise the shame, consume the blame
But nothing feels the same
I've treid to be strong...
But it's hard when your purity is gone...
Innocent again, give me innocence again
And cause me to believe
Bring me innocence again
And hold me in your arms
Take me to the mountain top once more
Some challenge the rules, use others as tools
Yearning to find love, I was the subborn fool
You sought me out, erased my doubt
Sufficient grace, in your embrace
Was offered up to me
The pain was strong...
My heart had been broken for so long

All that I am, all that I'll ever hope to be
I place before you now that you are near
Touch me with your love and I'll be innocent again
Take me in your arms forever more...


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