Vanilla Ice Insane Killas Lyrics

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[s___gy 2 Dope]
Violent J, Insane Clown Posse, baby what
From New York to L.A.
From Chile to Greece
From Uganda to your momma
We gives absolutely no f___s
Motha f___s
Naturn born serial slaterers
Mass m________in murderin murderers
b____, count to ten and meet your maker

I'm scary like Michael Jackson up close
I like diggin' up dead bodies
Look at me I'm gross
My name's Violent J but you can call me syphillis
Gonorrhea or the clap cause I infected this rap
You wanna know if I could ever kill somebody
Well thats like askin Charlie Manson if he's ever been to jail
I kill family, friends, myself
What, yeah, I'd kill myself if I could only survive
I tried to kill Rob Van Winkle, in fact thats how we met
I went up to kill him and he was thinkin the same s___
I pulled out a chainsaw, he pulled out an ax
I was like, come-on, wait is that a Stanley, where'd you get that!
It's natural to murder, you gotta have it in you
It's like a d___ all up in you, although I wouldn't know
Look at us natural killas
The world's most playa hated rapper
And the most hated group together like whaaaa!

Mass murders
Natural born killas
I'm not f___in around
Icky icky ya ya

This ain't no Blair Witch
Beware b____
I'll pick ur m_________in brain with an icepick
Remember me
Well here's my trilogy
I'm outta captivity
The rap Cujo you know my flow is ferocious
The last survivor with a mouth full of c___roaches
I bring this hocu pocus
You're flying away
Last the last days of the m_________in Locust
I'm the redneck in the moshpit
Two axes come in handy
To answer Violent J, ya d___ right its a Stanley
In the shadows of the dark with Darkman like spawn
In your dash blazin' it up with explosive bombs
I spit homicides like major cities at 11 PM
a__embling bodies in the dungeon like the line at GM
Ice mixed with blood is the killer's milkshake
Blended with the clown from the underground it's a lyrical deathbreak

Disrespect me I'll run in your house
Like puffin Steve Stout
Break both your arms, gun in your mouth
Knock your teeth out with the nose of the fifth
Bullets bust through the back of your head ya die stiff
f___in' with the clan watch what you say
We kill n____s like the KKK
Shoot you with an SK or a AK, b____, you gonna die either way
I'm a monster thoroughbred gun holding weed head
Cross me bet tomorrow you'll be dead
Catch you at a show while you're chilling with your ho
And crack your skull with a bottle of Mo
I'm a Sing Sing killer
Gun room captain
Brooklyn home of the orignial gun clapping
Gats get brung, n____s get done
Sons lose fathers and mothers lose sons
I'm a kiler Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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